Market-leading vacuum conveying systems, made in Germany. High quality and long lasting technology with low operational costs. An easy solution for non-liquid hygienic conveyors!


Hopper loader
for dust containing materials or powders for food industries


Special Features

  • Stainless steel version with large filter area and filter back wash
  • With 1,2 m² or 1,6 m² filter for dust containing materials like tea powders
  • Conveying duct DN 38, 50, 65 or DN 80
  • Vacuum pumps for different conveying capacities up to 3000 kg/hr. and more
  • Programmable microprocessor control with many options



øA = 350

øB = 410

øC = 4x ø8

øD = 500

E = 610

F = 1040

G = 1445

H = 1016

øLK = 390

Optional Extra Equipment

• ConPuls suction impulse conveying
• Clean out valve
• Level sensor to control conveying time
• Fluidizing to support discharge
• Vibration discharging support
• Butterfly Valve DN 200/250/300
• Airlock Valve
• Larger volume of loader
• Filter for special requirements
• ATEX-version

Other Components

• Mobile-Container to handle bulk materials for all industries
• Compact hopper loaders the economic way of feeding processing machines
• GraviMix: gravimeric blenders at volumetric prices
• Indoor- and Outdoor-Silos for rawmaterials
• Conveying systems for all bulk materials
• Feeding systems for packing machines
• Weigh hopper systems for batch weighing
• Discharging of Bags and Big Bags
• Dehumidifiers and Dryers
• PLC control systems



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